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excuse me , does any friend know why? in ws sdk 6.0, when Building the C# SSO DLL, two fuction (one of them is setPolicy)were not created .

excuse me , does any friend know why?

in web service sdk 6.0,

when  Building the C# SSO DLL, two fuctionwere not created .

when generating c# .cs file with wsdl file, two warning :

1 : this  Web reference does not  obey WS-I Basic Profile v1.1。

"Policy" is invalied

2,input msg "RequestSecurityTokenMsg" from  namespace http://www.rsa.com/names/2009/12/product/riat/wsdl"

has a net signature http://docs.oasis-open.org/ws-sx/ws-t


one or more extend element of wsdl  are ignored,

it was only warning , so sso.dll can be build,

but when build the sdk sample can't build , serveral lines  which calls the two fuction (for example : setPolicy ) failed , I commented them to finish the building .

but when running a simple client , sso failed

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