create VM with NIC connected to a non-existent portgroup


Is it possible to create a VM with a virtual ethernet card connected to a non-existent port group? In my project there are two components one responsible for creating VM (VM Manager) and one responsible for creating port-groups and other n/w related tasks (N/W manager). The N/W manager will watch for new VMs or NICs and create portgroups with proper VLAN connection. The VM manager will be knowing the name of the portgroup and vDS. So I want the VM manager to create VMs with VirtualEthernetCards with backing pointing to the portgroup name and vDs name where the port group may be non-existent at that point of time. Later on the N/W manager will create the required portgroup and then the VM manager does a reconfigure VM and powers it on.

Is this flow possible. If not how should I go about this?



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