V4.0 sdk - dotnet assembly clearification

I would like to get some clearification on the two sets of assemblies that are build for .net (C#) when running the build command.

Am I correct in my understandard that we only need the VimService2005.dll if we are going to VC v2.0 / esx 3.0. Then use Vim25Service2005.dll for everything else (esx 3.5/4.0) and vCenter v4? Correct?

Thanks in advance.


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I may be behind the times with the 4 libraries, but you may also need to include the xmlserializers include to match the proxy stub library for .net 2 and greater. I have in the past for both 2.0 and 2.5 to avoid the long just in time serialization because of the anyType usage in VI.

Now you that may be implied in your question, but just wanted to be clear as wiating a couploe min for JIT serialization can be very painful.

As for your compatibility question yeah if you were only talking to vc 2 or esx 2.5/3 you could use the standard Vim namespace. If you wanted to talk to (and use all the new methods) of VI 2.5 or vSphere 4 you will need to use the Vim25 namespace.