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Using the 5.5 SDK to perform power operation on VM

Hi all

I'm very new to c# so please excuse my ignorance but I'm trying to create a simple web application written in asp.net and c# in visual studio 2013 that will allow me to perform simple power on and power off operations on a VM.

Using the guide at http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-55/index.jsp#com.vmware.wssdk.dsg.doc/sdk_c_sharp_development.5.3.htm... I have downloaded the Web Service 5.5 SDK and performed the setup guide to configure the environmental variables and build the Vim25Service.dll and Vim25Service.XmlSerializers.dll dll's. As stated in the guide I can run the SimpleClient C# application which has worked successfully.

My issue however is that I really have no idea what to do next....

I've created a new web application with an asp.net page containing an asp button. I've added the two .dll's as references to the solution and added using Vim25Api; to the page. I'm trying to follow other example on the net but not having much luck. I'm not sure if just add the dll's is enough or do I need to import the whole Samples2008.sln solution into my new solution? Once added, how do I use them?

I'm by no means an experienced programmer and so at this stage I'm not fussed about setting up custom classes (if that even makes sense). Could anyone provide an example of how I could do this in the C# code behind the button? Any help would be appreciated


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