Using VI Perl Toolkit

My objective is to use a command line to DELETE A VIRTUAL DISK and remove it from inventory completly. I want to automate this process.

I used this command:

vmkfstools -U vmfspath/file.vmdk

That just deletes the VMDK file. It does not remove from INVENTORY. I also don't think p2vtool has an option.

I was told to try VI PERL TOOLKIT.

So I installed the VI PERL TOOLKIT. I configured IIS to run PERL under (C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware VI Perl Toolkit\Perl\bin\perl.exe) on my Win 2003 Serv.

However, how do I execute a .pl file? Im not sure how to get this working in windows. When I browse to C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware VI Perl Toolkit\Perl\apps\vm in a command prompt and try this command:


It seems to say perl is not recognized. So what can I do to achieve my objective. Is the VI Toolkit what I need to make this work?

thanks in advance...

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try to reboot the server, "perl.exe" should be found in the PATH-variable afterwards. IIS has nothing to do with it.



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