Unable to update the HealthUpdateInfo list by vCenter API

vCenter version:  vSphere-client-sdk: 7.0.2

I am trying to add the custom faults(in the HealthUpdateInfo list) while registering the proactive HA and it is updating successfully only for the first time.

I am executing following method of vimPort.

vimPort.registerHealthUpdateProvider(managedObjRef, PROVIDER_NAME, healthUpdateInfoList);


Next time, when I unregister proactive HA and update the custom fault list (in the HealthUpdateInfo list), and try to register the proactive HA  by VimPort API it is throwing an error " Client received SOAP Fault from server: A specified parameter was not correct: updateInfos Please see the server log to find more detail regarding the exact cause of the failure.".


Looks like VimPort is not allowing to update the HealthUpdateInfo list, somewhere it might be caching the previous HealthUpdateInfo list. 

The only workaround I found is when I restart the vsphere-ui service and register the proactive HA it is working fine.

Is there any method that will update this HealthUpdateInfo list without restarting vsphere-ui service?

Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here.

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