Good Morning All, I have just recienlty added a pearl scriter to my team. I would like to task him with making some custom script to help my daily ESX administartion easier. What have you found that scritps have made easier?

So far I have him working on name gernerators for the vm's as well as a ip generator. But while I have him I want to get anything else I can think of and right now I'm drawing a blank. Any ideas?

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I don't know about your workflows, but I have always found the ability to do an end to end provision of a VM based around your standards the most useful.

There are folks who do integration w 3rd party monitoring tools, Inventory solutions and other glue logic type implementations.

I think you need to look at your business processes and see where you are spending most fo your time doing busy work in VI Client. There is probably your best start.