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Regarding DynamicData class deprecation in VMware vSphere Management SDK from version 6.0

Previously, we are using VMware vSphere Management SDK version 5.5, could see the DynamicData class implementation in vim25.jar and had usages of properties: dynamicType and dynamicProperty of DynamicData class in our code base. As SDK version 5.5 is about to be EOL, planned to upgrade to latest verison. We observed that from SDK version 6.0 to 8.0, DynamicData class implementation is completely deprecated. DynamicData acts as Parent class for many types including ObjectContent, Tag and many more…. & Currently affecting our existing code for all the usages of DynamicData class adversely. I could still see almost all the types extends DynamicData, but no DynamicData Implementation exists in latest vim25.jar. Please let us know the reason behind deprecation of the DynamicData class and try to add the DynamicData Implementation back so that it acts as support for older versions.

Also observed that in SDK version 5.5, all classes were serializable, but as per SDK version 6.0, serialization was removed from all classes. Please let us know the reason behind it.

Please reply to me ASAP.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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