Need help in identifying right vmware API Property to check whether a Datastore supports Hardware Acceleration or not

Hi ,

We are developing a datastore view screen where we need to bring in a column to check if  "Hardware Accelearation" is Supported/Not Supported. Can someone help me in identifying the right vmware API property to get "Hardware Acceleration" status for a Datastore? 

Currently I am using HostSystem.capability.vStorageCapable as the property get this value. Here HostSystem is the host on which datastore is created. But I am not able to confirm if this is the right property. I tried to disable Hardware Acceleration of Host from ESXi and check if the value changes for datastore.But this does not have any impact on the Hardware Acceleration of  the Datastore.

It is also good if any one can suggest a way to disable "Hardware Acceleration" for a datastore. Atleast this helps us in .confirming whether the property we are using is valid or not.

Thanks in Advance


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