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MoveVM Method (VC1.3SDK) - do you have to have to move the vm as well as disks?


I am trying to use the MoveVM method to migrate a VM's disks from one LUN to another. I have a perl script that I have adapted from the MoveVM.pl example in the perl samples directory.

I do not want to move the VM (i.e. the vmx file) only the disk file. From the SDK documentation it says moving the vm is "optional". Which is great, but it then goes on to say that the "host" inout string is not optional in this release. If I call the method and omit the "host" inout string I get a SOAP fault for badrequest (to be expected I guess but I thought i'd try). If I inlude the "host" string but pass it the handle of the same server that the vm is already on I get "OperationFailed : Source and Destination Hosts Are the Same".

I even tried pass the host input parameter with an empty string (worth a try also) but I get a handle error.

Has anybody had any experience with the MoveVM method? Is it possible in the VC1.3 release to only move the vm disks and not the actual vm?

The params I am passing are below.



@params = (

SOAP::Data->name(vm => $vmHandle),

SOAP::Data->name(host => $dstHostHandle),



->name(disk => $diskInfo)


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