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How to get performance data from CIM/SMASH for processor, memory etc. ?

I need to get some data for monitoring purposes concerning processor usage, memory usage, storage and similar. Right now, I'm using a system which manages its own Http packets and uses WS Management to send Soap Xml Enumerate/Pull request and interprets the responses. I am able to query the OMC_Processor table from which the column LoadPercentage seem to be what I want but it is empty. As for memory and storage, I haven't found a table which contains data I want since OMC_Memory and related tables do not seem to have memory used/free columns.

Is there some configuration I need to change for the server to updates its live data in those tables?
If there is, which columns of which table would be appropriate for Memory and Storage monitoring?

I'm hoping there is way to get what I want through CIM/SMASH, but if not, how can I access such data efficiently? I know the vSphere Client is able to get it so it must be possible. I have read on other parts of the forum that it is possible through PowerCLI script, but that seems inefficient for my purpose.

I am currently testing on a local server running vSphere 5.5, but I'm going for something that has as much compatibility as possible for other versions, older and newer.

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