Getting summary per vcenter.


I downloaded and fully configured the vCloud SDK for PERL.

I want to achieve a capacity information per dc/cluster.

For example, after running the script there will be output based on this this table, there will be details of used resources per data center and cluster.

DCClusterCPU UsingMEM UsingSTORAGE Using
Data center120x2.8Ghz/40x2,8Ghz64GB /128GB10TB/20TB
Cluster 118x2,8Ghz10GB / 64GB2TB/10TB
Cluster 22x2,8Ghz54GB / 64GB8TB/10TB
Data center2100x2,8Ghz/2000x2,8Ghz256GB/256GB100TB/200TB
Cluster 1
Cluster 2

Is there any way to achive it?

I used to used some sample files that the utilization_report.pl is not working, but rest wont achieve my target, where do I find the properly documentation of SDK for PERL to finish this one?

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