Events for alarms that do not have an action specified

I am working on retrieving alarm events from vSphere using the web services sdk and am trying to understand the AlarmEvent DataObject and its subtypes.

I am especially interested in AlarmActionTriggeredEvent. From the API documentation, this seems to be the only subtype of AlarmEvent that gets created when an alarm is triggered. This could be used as an indication that an alarm was fired, provided there's an action specified for the alarm. However, most (all?) default alarms defined in the vSphere client don't have an associated action defined and this event doesn't get created in those cases.

Is there a way to get events generated when alarms that do not have actions defined on them get triggered? I noticed the following in the API docs:

When the conditions defined for the Alarm occur on the system, the Action specified for the alarm starts. The alarm also generates an Event that is posted to the Event history database. In addition, the action initiated by the Alarm might also post a second Event to the database, depending on the Action type.


If I'm reading this right, there should be an event generated for an alarm regardless of whether the alarm has an action defined. How can I get that event?

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