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ESXi Hardware Health monitoring session for Dev Day 2010 (Technology Exchange for Developers @VMworld 2010)

Folks this is a great session for anyone interested in understanding what is available in terms of ESXi hardware health monitoring today and what is coming in the future. Hope to see you there. Hurry time is running out and space is limited. Event starts Monday August 30th - Sept 1

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Hardware Health Monitoring - Present and Future

ID: PPC-17

Level: Advanced

Hardware Health is very closely connected to the health of the virtual infrastructure. VMware provides considerable support for monitoring the health of a datacenter's hardware infrastructure. In this talk we will explore the current state of Hardware Health Monitoring and a likely evolution plan as our core product, vSphere, evolves. The various sub systems that constitute Hardware Health Monitoring(HHM) in VMware will be explored. We will talk about the newly available features in 4.1 and the planned features in 5.0. The effect of a COSless ESXi on HHM will be covered as well. Some of the programmatic aspect s of collecting and monitoring hardware health data will also be covered. The talk will include VMware's thoughts on hardware health monitoring beyond 5.0.

Speaker: Deep Bhattacharjee, Daniel Hiltgen

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