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Does anyone know is there a way to check if HA is running?


Pls assume there is VC server and ESXes that configured HA cluster.

In this environment, I wanted to change one ESX (named ex, ESX-A) to maintenance mode from my application via VI-SDK for doing some config changes to ESX-A.

It's basically works, but if HA is working same time to move VMs to ESX-A, ESX-A is going to maintenance mode but HA is failed.

My expectation for app's behavior is to get an error if HA is running and stop to maintenance mode.

So, I want to add some check code if now HA is running or not.

Does anyone know is there a way to check if HA is running from VI-SDK?

Please advice,

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Look at the http://pubs.vmware.com/vi301/sdk/ReferenceGuide/vim.cluster.DrsConfigInfo.html

this will tell what objects that you need to monitor.

Basically, from a Host Object, you would find the owning ComputeResource and then follow the data from there.