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DiskId and CpuId on virtual machine


I don't know if this is the right place to post this question, otherwise, can you tell me were to post it?

I have an application wich has a licensing logic that, among other things, uses the machine disk id and machine cpu id.

So, I've installed the application on a vm on my machine, and everything works fine. So, I copied this virtual machine to a co-worker's machine, and I've opened the application and it continued to work.

I expected that my application wouldn't work. The problem is that the CPU Id and Machine Id are the same on the same virtual machine installed on two different host machines, so that would allow to install my application multiple times on several machines with only one license...

I'm using W2k3 as operating system and .NET 2.0 as programming language.

Is there a way to obtain some other Id that differs from host to host on a virtual machine, so I can somehow license my applications on this context?

Thanks in advance, Matias.

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Maybe you can use virtual m achine UUID which is based on the physical computer's identifier and the path to the virtual machine's configuration file. This UUID is generated when you power on or reset the virtual machine. It remains constant as long as the virtual machine is not moved or copied to another location. If you move or copy the virtual machine, you may be offered the choice of creating a new UUID or keeping the old UUID when you first power on the virtual machine. This new UUID will again be based on the physical computer's identifier and path to the virtual machine's configuration file in its new location.

When you power on a virtual machine that was moved or copied to a new location, the following message usually appears:

The virtual machine's configuration file has changed its location since its last poweron. Do you want to create a new unique identifier (UUID) for the virtual machine or keep the old one?

You may choose one of the following:



Always Create

Always Keep

In case of copied vm, you may choose create option.

If you want to permanently change the behavior of the UUID warning, you have the option of always keeping or replacing the UUID each time, the vm moves.

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