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Disk IOPS performance stats for NFS storage


We have a requirement where there will be many ESXs with its VMs on an NFS storage.

There will be heavy Disk IOPS on VMs and we need to know, the "Disk Read rate" and "Disk Read Latency" of vm's virtual disks.

When I connect to a vCenter using vCenter client, I see "Disk" related for performance detail for VM when a VM is on local storage of ESX. Also, when the Disk IOPS for such VM increases, the same is reflected on Disk performance graph for VM and its ESX server.

But, when a VM's disk is on NFS storage, vCenter client does not show "Disk" related performance graph for such VM. Also, when Disk IOPS for such a VM increases, there is no change on Disk performance graph of ESX server.

Please advise me how we can obtain Disk performance data for a VM whose disks are on NFS storage.

I am using java vSphere SDK 4.0.0. When i try to get the PerfMetricIds for such a VM (with disk on NFS storage), no Perfmetric is returned with PerformanceCouter for Disk group.

Does, ESX has any configuration parameter which needs to be modified so that, VCenter/ESX starts monitoring Disk related performance for NFS storage?

Please answer.

Thank you,


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