Customization failed

We are using ESX and VC to build a computer security lab. In this lab, we have a need to customize Ubuntu 8.04 and BackTrack 3 machines. Now, I know that the default Linux customization scripts that come with VC only support RedHat, OpenSUSE, and SunOS. I deleted those files and wrote my own to support only Ubuntu and BackTrack (and more in the future).

When VC customizes a target, it copies all the files from C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\imgcust-scripts to /etc, and then VMware Tools reads the file and runs When I rewrote the customization scripts, I have been able to get it working perfectly with BackTrack. I can customize it and it deploys exactly how I would expect.

The same can't be said about Ubuntu 8.04.1 though. I installed it in a very basic sense. /dev/sda1 is an ext3 partition, and /dev/sda2 is a swap partition. No LVM, no software RAID, standard msdos partition table, etc.... fdisk shows the same kind of setup between the BackTrack and the Ubuntu machine. However, when I try to customize, it fails. Looking in the logs it tells me:

Could not edit volume:

Error occured while deploying package. Msg: Could not find volume containing /etc. Verify that the VM contains supported Linux filesystems (ext2/ext3/ReiserFS) and that volumes aren't managed by LVM

Successfully deleted file/directory C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\imc157.tmp

-- FINISH task-1924 -- vm-974 -- vim.VirtualMachine.customize -- 95EC6B9E-985E-41DE-9D9D-41C338280D96

-- ERROR task-1924 -- vm-974 -- vim.VirtualMachine.customize: vim.fault.CustomizationFault:

(vim.fault.CustomizationFault) {

dynamicType = ,

msg = ""


I have tried switching back to the original customization scripts (knowing that the VM would deploy but would not be properly customized), but I still get the same error. Does anyone know what's going on here?



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