Cannot Set BIOS Boot Order Using VIM25 API From C#

(I did find a reference to a similar post about this from 2013 but no answers AFAICT and no code|2319617)

I am using the C# (targetting 4.5 .NET) bindings for the VIM25 API and I am trying to set the boot order.

The code snippet is:

cfgSpec.bootOptions = new VirtualMachineBootOptions();
cfgSpec.bootOptions.bootOrder = new VirtualMachineBootOptionsBootableDevice[1];
cfgSpec.bootOptions.bootOrder[0] = new VirtualMachineBootOptionsBootableCdromDevice();
tmor = Service.ReconfigVM_Task(vmRef, cfgSpec);

The ReconfigVM_Tasl fails with an error about incorrect paramter.

The VM in question does have a CD/DVD device attached on IDE 1:0 and the ISO image has been attached via another API call.

Looking for any ideas why this would be the case?


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I know this question is a little old but I'm going to reply anyway.  When I built my app to automate VM builds, I was always frustrated because I couldn't find examples in C#.  I believe your issue is one of two things:  No device key or the way you are initializing some of the objects.  I will past some of my code which works below:

VirtualMachineBootOptionsBootableEthernetDevice bootEthernet = new VirtualMachineBootOptionsBootableEthernetDevice();

            bootEthernet.DeviceKey = 0;

VirtualMachineBootOptionsBootableDiskDevice bootDisk = new VirtualMachineBootOptionsBootableDiskDevice();

            bootDisk.DeviceKey = 1;

            VirtualMachineBootOptionsBootableDevice[] bootDevices = new VirtualMachineBootOptionsBootableDevice[] { bootEthernet, bootDisk };

            VirtualMachineBootOptions bootOptions = new VirtualMachineBootOptions();

            bootOptions.BootOrder = bootDevices;

            bootOptions.BootDelay = 10000;

            bootOptions.BootRetryEnabled = true;

            bootOptions.BootRetryDelay = 5000;

            cSpec.BootOptions = bootOptions;

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