Actual memory and CPU usage of ResourcePool managed object - which one is it


I'm creating a simple web page with jsp and Web Services SDK for monitoring usage of resouce pools.

I'm getting usage information from ResourcePool MOR using (ResourcePool object).getRuntime().getMemory().getOverallUsage() for memory and (ResourcePool object).getRuntime().getCpu().getOverallUsage() for cpu usage.

But the values returned are not anyhow covered in vSphere Client or vSphere web client. I'm adding consumed and overhead consumed, private and shared from vSphere clients but it does not cover values taken by getOverallUsage. Can you guys tell me what exactly getOverallUsage shows and which value shows real usage? This is quite important thing, because all resource calculations and planning are based on Consumed value from vSphere clients.

To be specific, getOverallUsage returns values higher (depending on resource pool size - I mean number of VMs and child resource pools ) than consumed + overhead consumed but smaller than private + shared.


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