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vMA 4.1 error Failed to add users.

hi, guys:

I have just installed a new vCenter 4.1 with 1 esxi 4.0u2 and 1 esxi 4.1.

I have downloaded vMA 4.1 and try to use AD auth to connect vCenter.

I have joined the vMA into domain and restarted vMA.

However, when I tried to add vCenter with --authpolicy adauth, it asked me to type in username for vCenter server.

I typed mydomain

It gave me Error: Failed to add users

Can you tell me why?

Thanks alot

- Silver

My Vmware blog: http://geeksilverblog.com

- Silver My Vmware blog: http://geeksilverblog.com
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I had a problem where I could run the following command ok:

vifp addserver myvCenterServer.mydomain.com --authpolicy adauth --username mydomain\\myvmwareadmin

But when I logged into the vMA console using mydomain\myvmwareadmin and ran the vifptarget --set myvCenterServer.mydomain.com command it would run slowly and I could see in my vCenterServer Event Viewer security logs Audit Failure entries. When I tried to run a command such as esxcli --vihost myesxi5Host.mydomain.com network nic list I would always have to enter my vCenter admin credentials.

This annoyed me mucho mucho and I troubleshot it for hours but eventual I can across this knowledge base article: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=103812...

Turns out that I needed to be starting my VMware VirtualCenter Server service using "Local System" instead of a domain account. Who would've thunked it. 🙂

Hope this helps someone.

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