PCNS 3.1 in vMA for ESXi 5.5 in HA with 2 different UPS models

Hello, I have following configuration: 1. floor - ESXi host A with several VM’s (HP VSA, Windows and Linux) - ESXi host B with free vSphere hypervisor license (will be changed to Essential) with vCenter and vMA installed - Smart UPS (Model: Smart-UPS 5000 RM with NMC: AP9617) 2. floor - ESXi host C with several VM’s (HP VSA, Windows and Linux) - Smart UPS (Model: Smart-UPS RT 5000 XL with NMC: AP9631) ESXi host A and ESXi host C are in HA. I tried to configure PCNS (OVA) on vMA and choose Advanced (VM Migration Support) in UPS configuration page. I added two IP addresses for two UPS but then I got this error - All UPS's in this Configuration must be the same model. So what is the solution for esxi hosts in HA cluster with VM migration enabled if I have two "different" UPS and I want correct shutdown and start for all VM's and hosts? (other one then buy new UPS...) Thanks

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