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ESXi configuration backup vMA


I have backup'd a ESXi configuration to another ESXi machine and that went well with command: vicfg-cfgbackup -l -f -server 192.0.2.xxx /tmp/192.0.2.xxx-backup

1. The thing is i could see is that after the backup process, the backup has done something which changed the order of vmnic0 to vmnic2 and it was by default not selected (host unreachable) i had to select vmnic2 manually.

2. Other thing that i have seen is that the Virtual Machines are also displaying in the new environment. only as a empty guests with description:

unknown (inaccessible) see attached screenshot

question 1

how can i prevent the vimnic order doenst/ must not be affected?

if this is normal, can i prevent the selection method vimnic remains unaffected?

question 2

if the backup proces takes a ghost vm to the new environment, is it possible to backup the whole VMs whitin this vMA backup process?

Thank you

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