Configure powerfail on different ESXi hosts with rccmd


i`m quite new to VMWare and i`m trying to set up the shutdown behavior on powerfail with our ups.

We have two hosts on different sites, each of them plugged into an ups.

The hosts are configured as HA Cluster without DRS. No VM will start automatically.

The communication from the ups to the hosts works via a rccmd client

I want to achieve:

On powerfail of one ups all the VMs from this host should be moved automatically via vMotion to the other host and after 10 minutes the host should gracefully shutdown.

Of course this should also apply to the other host as well.

I installed one vMA to one host and linked both hosts to this vMA.

After that i installed the rccmd client on the vMA and configured it as well for both hosts.

My problem: If one site has a powerfail this would shutdown both hosts right?

When i install one vMA for each host and i have a powerfail on one site the vMA would be moved to the other host where already the other vMA exists.

Can i somehow exclude specific VMs from vMotion?

Or is my approach completely wrong?

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