APC PCNS does not work with free version of ESXi

APC PCNS does not work with free version of ESXi

This document is written in the hope to spare other users hours of confusion (and hair-tearing) trying to make something which will never work!

The short version of this document is just like the title

APC PCNS does not work with free version of ESXi

Actually, in an APC document called Operating System, Processor, JRE and Browser Compatibility Chart (SJHN-7AYQNP_R24_EN.pdf), there's a little note on the bottom of it which states that:

Note 1: Please note APC [PCNS] do[es] not support the free version of VMware ESXi. (cf image below)


In all evidence, the word (does not) support has to be interpreted as (does not) work -- in other words:

APC [PCNS] does not work with the free version of VMware ESXi.

It should not be interpreted as

APC will not answer to questions related to the free version of VMware ESXi

NB: It's a certainty that this document applies to APC PCNS 3.0 and ESXi 4.1U1 (with vMA4), but it should also apply to versions like PCNS 2.4 and ESXi 3.x.



What's it?

nothing.I added a comment, but after reading again, i deleted it because it does'nt match the topic

is it indifferent what kind of license you have?

i'm using vsphere esxi 5.1 and my usv needs the vma to shut down the vmachines in case of a blackout.

so, will the vma work when i buy the essential plus kit?


ok, sry, wrong topic

I have the feeling that your message/question doesn't match the topic...

And vMA is just a VM provided by VMware.  It will work with the version it is designed for.

Does this mean vMA 5.1 will not work with ESXi 4.1?

Your question has no relationship with the topic of this document.  Please ask your question in specific forum.

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