'ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation' and root drive full


Running vSphere 6.5u3 on vCenter 6.7U3.A few months ago I set the 'ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation' to a datastore that is not in the vSAN. I created .locker-vSANx folders in the datastore and set the VMFS path to that store and folder. Honestly I do not see any files in the .locker folders I created. One host has been rebooted once since then but this host does not reflect the 'ScratchConfig.CurrentScratchLocation' as the 'ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation' . Shouldn't this update on a reboot? I used this PowerCLI to retrieve the host scratch configs:



Am I doing something wrong? Do I need more reboots? Host 1 HAS been rebooted once since the change but it does not reflect the changed path.

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