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Running 2 different GPUs on a single host


I have been tasked with setting up 2 ESXi hosts to run some ESRI ArcGIS VDI workstations.  What the GIS department is hoping for is a few different levels of VDI VMs, depending on how intense the hardware needs are, ie a user who needs ArcGIS for general mapping vs 3D visualization, machine learning/AI or data science.

I have 2 Dell Poweredge R740 hosts, and I'm thinking about having 2 different GPUs in each server, tentatively something like an Nvidia A16 for most users, and an Nvidia A40 in passthrough mode for heavier users.

I know you can have multiple GPUs in a single host, but I was wondering if you are able to have more than 1 type of GPU when doing this.

Is there a better way to achieve this? I know I can have 2 A16's in one host, and 2 A40's in the other, but I'm thinking sharing them would give me the ability to do some non-disruptive maintenance.


Thanks in advance.

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