RTL8111D with ESXi 5.1U1 - poor performance

2 days before, I removed a Intel e1000 pcie card from my ESXi-Server to free one PCIe-slot which is needed for a RAID-controller.

Instead of the e1000, I configured the onboard-NIC with RTL8111D, which is working from the first moment.

While googling around, i found some postings about handling poor network performance within guest OS such as W2008.

Using iperf on 2 Windows 7 VMs, I recognized really poor network throughput -  with 12-15Mbits/s far away from other experiences with 10-13Gb/s!

The network connection is shown to be 10Gb in Windows 7, but I learned that this is an artificial value.

On both Win7 VMs VMXNET3 is used - but no improvement.

I also tried to activate JumboFraes 9000 - no help.

I also disabled "TSOv4" on both VMs NIC-Properties - no improvemnet.

What can I do ? At the moment I cannot re-install the e1000-NIC, as I need the PCIe-slot.

Greetings from germany, Nico

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RTL8111D is not supported as per hardware compatibility guide of VMware. http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php?deviceCategory=io

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