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LikewiseGetDomainJoinInfo QueryInformation ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND


what does a syslog message like this mean:

Hostd: [LikewiseGetDomainJoinInfo:354] QueryInformation(): ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (2/0):

We get a lot of them from all different ESXi servers.

  • Which file was not found?
  • Why?
  • Any method for debugging this?

Thanks for any insights here.


PS: This is ESXi 6.5 updated from 6.0/5.x etc.

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So, if you search for "LikewiseGetDomainJoinInfo" you'll find only one hit which seems related: https://sflanders.net/2015/03/18/vsphere-6-0-syslog-gotchas/‌ But also is not resolved (see comments at the end)

@VMWARE: Anyone at least able to tell where us where "LikewiseGetDomainJoinInfo" is coming from so we can try fixing ourself?  This error is spilling our logs and we would like to eithter fix it or 'silence' it!



I resolved this issue by joining my vSphere hosts to the domain. My hosts are v6.0.2 as a reference.  LikeWise is part of the authentication services in vSphere, and I'm 'guessing' there is a file that is created once vSphere is joined to a domain. I'm led to assume that joining it to a domain "fixes the glitch" in the log error getting generated.

On a couple hosts I had issues with management agents hanging and authentication servicing flaking out (/etc/init.d/lwsmd), which I addressed with this link :

Re: How to Troubleshoot "Errors in Active Directory Operations" Messages

I was getting this log event in vRealize Log Insight (~2 every minute for every vSphere host), which is what led me to look in to this.

Hostd: [LikewiseGetDomainJoinInfo:355] QueryInformation(): ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (2/0):

Log Insight Support

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