How to get FC adapters statistics from esxcli

I have ESXi 6.5 hypervisor and need to monitor it with external monitoring system.

In particular, I need some statistical information from FC HBAs to monitoring system.

My monitoring system can execute esxicli commands and use the information that they give.

I need such information:

- FC HBAs TX rate (Kbps)

- FC HBAs RX rate (Kbps)

- FC HBAs CRC error counter

- FC HBAs link error counter

I tried to use esxcli storage san fc stats get command

It gives the following output:

[root@pesx-dell-01:~] esxcli storage san fc stats get
Adapter: vmhba2
Tx Frames: 591280153
Rx Frames: 715680944
Lip Count: 0
Error Frames: 0
Dumped Frames: 0
Link Failure Count: 1
Loss of Signal Count: 0
PrimSeq Protocol Err Count: 0
Invalid Tx Word Count: 0
Invalid CRC Count: 0
Input Requests: 43380557
Output Requests: 117086046
Control Requests: 256


So I see Link Failure counter and CRC error counter in the output and I can take this infomation to monitoring system.

But there is no TX/RX Rate. Only TX frames and RX Frames.

In the same time in GUI i can see the information about FC HBAs TX/RX Rate (screensot is attached). But I can't put this information to monitoring system from GUI.

Is there a way to get this information from esxcli ?

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