ESXI 6.5 lowering syslog logging levels (again..)


there were a couple of discussions about configuring the syslog logging level of an ESXi server. So, I we all know these links:

Enabling trivia logging in VMware vCenter Server (1001584) | VMware KB


vSphere Documentation Center

But I still have some issues in reducing the 'verbosity' of an ESXi 6.5 host:

In my config.xml in /etc/vmware/hoistd I have this code. My understanding: "Only syslog messages 'error' or more severe"

      <!-- default log level -->

     <level>error</level><!-- <level/> -->

      <!-- If true, logs to syslog -->


      <!-- syslog configuration.  Only used if outputToSyslog is true. -->


         <!-- syslog identifier to use when logging -->


         <!-- syslog facility to use when logging -->


But I still get syslog messages like this:

2016-11-23T18:40:48.222Z vmh-01.samos Hostd: trivia hostd[9E40B70] [Originator@6876 sub=Snmpsvc.http.HTTPService] HTTP Response: ....

2016-11-23T18:40:01.722Z vmh-01.samos hostd-probe: info -[7F9E980]

So, any explanation why this is the case?  Any other configuration file?

Or are these options overwritten somewhere?

Thanks for refreshing the discussion here.


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same issue here,  have tried even bumping the global level to error (and ofcourse reloading),  but my remote syslog server is filled with logs of a much lower level than error  (more like debug,  and mainly Rhttpproxy,  which i assume is users on the web gui, but many leave it open).

this needs to be addressed.

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I need for help as well. a huge amount of hostd and rhttpproxy logs are sending to the syslog server non-stop.

Environment: ESXi 7.0

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