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Confused about the Frequency option in reporting tab when create a Alarm.


  I am confused about the Frequency  option in reporting tab when create a Alarm  in ESXi 5.1 and ESXi5.5

According to doc, Frequency means "The frequency sets the time period during which a triggered alarm is not reported again. When the time period has elapsed, the alarm will report again if the condition or state is still true."

  But customer found when they create a alarm for Memory usage or CPU usage or Network usage, this option didn't work.

Scenario 1:

   1 Customer created a a Alarm for VM Memory uasge with Frequency is 5 mins.  and the action is sending a mail every 20min

   2 The condition is very low, about 10% usage

   3 customer power on the VM and the Alarm was activated at once and received the mail.

   4 Customer clear the Alarm

   5 In customer opinion, the Alarm should be activated after 5 mins,

   6 In fact, after 5 mins, the alarm wasn't be activated again.  but they can still received the mail every 20 mins.

Scenario 2:

In  my lab, I created a Alarm for VM Network uasge with Frequency is 10 mins. 


  1  I set the condition is "VM Networks Usage is above 10" for warning. 

  2  Then I begun to download from VM.

  3  At the first, the Alarm was activated, I clear the alarm manually and then stop download.

  4  In my opinion, because the Frequency is 10 mins, so the Alarm should NOT be activated if I download again (in 10 mins since first time),

  5  So begun to download again, the Alarm was activated again.

So I am confused about the Frequency  option.


   Please kindly help to make me clear about that and give me some documents about it.

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