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my esxi web client shows my drives as normal degrated (with a yellow triangle for warning).

morning mates,

im expriencing a warning message when im login to my esxi web client,im using hp gen 9 dl360 server installed esxi 6.0.0 and raided all my drives using intelligent provisioning.

when i login to vmware esxi web client i found that my drives under devices tab shows that all my drives are in normal degrated status(warning) and i cant be able to fix that problem,

and its my first time working with the esxi.i connected my server with 1 network cable on one of the Network port.im asking for help on how to solve this problem and i will appreciate if i get

documementations and etc for guides.

thanks in advance.


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The field for the device is specifically reserved for indicating the path status of the device.

--> When the device has more than one path to the target( storage array), the path status is "on".

--> When all the paths to the target are down ( either off / dead ) the device status is "dead".

--> If  there is only one path to the target then the status is "degraded".

--> When a device is  unmapped from the storage array while ESX was using the device the status of the device is "not connected".

--> If ESX fails to recognize the state of the device ( if all above mentioned scenarios are not applicable) then the device status is "unknown".

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