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Smart Card Reader not seen as removable device


I am not new to vsphere, I've been a vcp for over 10yrs now. I am new to Linux though, only about 6mos.

Environment: ESXi 7.0.3 (no vcenter) on an HPE EL8000 / e920d server
Client Laptop Windows 10 Pro Google Chrome (VMRC 12.0.3)
Client Laptop Linux Ubuntu 20.04.6 Google Chrome (VMRC 12.0.4)

The OmniKey smard card reader is seen by the Windows laptop VMRC Console and can see it as a removable device.
I can add this SC reader to my Win2K19 server without an issue.

My Linux Laptop sees the Omnikey SC reader with a lsusb command but it doesnt show up as a removable device.
I cannot add this SC reader to the same Win2K19 server.

It has to be a bug in VMRC or a config file on the Linux laptop. But again, the Linux laptop can see the SC reader and pull its mfr info with the lsusb command, so the OS/Ubuntu can see the SC reader just fine.

Why cannot I see the SC reader in my removable devices in the VMRC?


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