Host not automatically reconnect path SAN

Hi team

I am having 17 host Synergy 660 G10 HPE and all running with Esxi 6.5 U3 15256549 and have the same driver.

Last day, when I shutdown one lane of SAN Switch to test redundancy of SAN Switch, one path SAN of 7/17 host was offline.

But when I powered on SAN Switch, one path SAN of host was not online as below:









All Lun of Host only saw one path as below:



I had to reboot host to fix issue. After host was rebooted, all Lun saw 2 path online.

All lun was configed to use Path selection policy: Most recently used (Vmware) and Storage Array Type policy: VMW_SATP_ALUA.

I use storage Hitachi VSP, All san switch are Cisco MDS9148s.

Please check for me why only 7/17 host had issue and how to fix this issue? This issue happened because of OS or driver of host? I had opened case with HPE but they want me to open case with Vmware to check this issue together.

Thank you!

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