VDS and 3rd Party VDS Info

VDS and 3rd Party VDS Info

Using the vSphere API, you can display information on both a vSphere Distributed Virtual  Switch and 3rd Party VDS solutions such as the Cisco Nexus 1KV. Below is an example using the vSphere SDK for Perl to pull information from both....


vCLI/vSphere SDK for Perl installed on a system or using VMware vMA

Example output:

$ ./vdsInfo.pl --server vcenter-01 --username root 

VDSName: dvSwitch-01
VDSDescription: This is a VMware Distributed Virtual Switch
VDSVendor: VMware
VDSBuild: 00000
VDSBundleId: N/A
VDSVersion: 4.1.0
NumPorts: 128
NumDVPortgroups: 2
NumHosts: 1
NumVMs: 1

VDSDescription: Cisco_Nexus_1000V_136945814
VDSVendor: Cisco Systems Inc.
VDSModel: Cisco Nexus 1000V
VDSBuild: 00000
VDSBundleId: VEM400-201101030-RG
VDSVersion: 4.0
NumPorts: 160
NumDVPortgroups: 11
NumHosts: 3
NumVMs: 3
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