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Delete machine from disk and convert to template


I have two question Smiley Wink

1. Is it possible to delete virtual machine from inventory and from disk by one command (Delete from disk - in graphical client Smiley Happy)? I know that I can delete folder using vifs.pl, and unregister machine by vmware-cmd -s register. But when I unregister machine, it is still in inventory marked as orphaned. I need to know if it is another way to do this?

2. The next question is, how to convert a VM to template ? I found script  vmtemplate.pl, but when I use it I get error: Making a virtual machine as a template is not supported. Verify the virtual machine state. I use: vmtemplate.pl --server serverName --vmname machine --operation T

I use it via ESX server no vCenter, i don't know if it is important Smiley Happy

Thank in adance,



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