<conditionalProperty> not disabling HTML-based extension.

In vsphere web client , there is a



Name of a Boolean property on the target vSphere or custom object. You can use the value of the property specified to define whether the action is available on the target object. For example, you can specify a Boolean property on a Virtual Machine object, and make your action available only when that property is true. This property is optional.

to block an extension based on some condition.

I am using this for my development , but facing some issue with HTML - based extension. The extension is getting disabled in flex , but there is no effect for HTML 5.

Is there any other property for HTML 5 or this is expected behavior?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi Ben,

Which extension points are you trying to display based on the conditionalProperty and on which object ?
You can also have a look at the wssdk-sample, there is an example with the powerOn and powerOff on a VirtualMachine.

There shouldn't be any change, it should work also in the HTML client, so send me the version of the client you are using
in order to investigate the problem.


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