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What's new in vSphere Client SDK 8.0 Update 1

Hi Folks,

The new vSphere 8.0 Update 1 release brings some new features and resolved issues.


What's new for vSphere Client extensibility and remote plug-ins:

  • Ability to define action separators - Plug-ins are now able to define separators between their menu actions. This can be achieved by specifying a new object {"type":"separator"} between the plug-in defined actions.
  • Ability to define multiple summary cards - Plug-ins are now able to define up to 3 cards in a given vSphere object's summary view. In addition, each card can have its own icon and title. If no icon or title are provided, the default plug-in icon and name will be used. This can be achieved by specifying an array of views instead of a single view in a given object's summary section.
  • Integrated Solution Installation enhancements - Ability to specify required vCenter Server version support. Integrated solutions can now specify which vCenter Server version they support. This will prevent users from installing the solution on a vCenter Server with lower than the specified version. To achieve this, the vmw.vsphereui.solutioninstall.requiredVcVersion property must be specified in the solution's OVF.
  • Remote Plug-in SampleUpgraded Angular and Clarity versions for improved security.
  • Extension Registration Tool - The extension-registration tool now accepts a list of events. This means that plug-in registration may include a list of plug-in defined events.


Resolved Issues:

  • Actions are now ordered in the way they are written in the plugin.json.
  • Fixed an issue where a plug-in may be shown as Partially Deployed.
  • The plug-in action menus are properly live refreshed when the user shows/hides a plug-in.
  • Fixed an issue where an Incompatible plug-in could be shown as Failed.
  • The htmlClientSdk is no longer cached by the browser and does not break plug-in upgrades.
  • Fixed Confirmation Modal layout issues.
  • Plug-in deployment will no longer fail if it is using an unknown locale. This means that adding a new supported language to the vSphere Client and the plug-in will not break the plug-in's compatibility with older vSphere Client versions.
  • Fixed an issue where an Incompatible plug-in could not be redeployed.


Known Issues:

  • Multi Manifest Issue - The Multi Manifest feature requires a default manifest called plugin.json. If a plug-in is using the multi manifest feature, it is required that at least one of the plug-in manifests is named plugin.json. It is recommended that the least desired plug-in manifest is named plugin.json and placed at the bottom of the array of manifests.


For more information and code examples, check the official SDK documentation page and the release notes.

As always, feel free to share your feedback and ideas with us.

Best Regards,


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