Support for "remote plugin" in vCenter 6.5 webclient

This is in continuation to the "Session id generation issue" we discussed in the Q&A session of the webinar:
To give you a brief history of the concern we have raised, we started supporting our plugin in VCenter 5.0 where we could load our content within the vSphere client.
For later versions of vCenter 5.5 and 6.0 where vSphere client architecture changed, with the help of some tweaks (providing legacy parameters) we managed to continue to load our plugin without any changes. With vCenter 6.5, this broke due the change in the session_id format and we could not load our plugin anymore. When discussed with VMware teachnical team (Laurent Delamare) , we were told that VMware vSphere team is coming with a new plugin architecture to load remote plugins (without using any of the Flash/HTML5 APIs provided).
Below is an excert from the Laurent  confirming this.
"you will be able to use a better solution soon, that we call "Remote plug-ins". Your view extension will still use the https URL serving the Flex UI, but we're finalizing how parameters will be passed."
We would like to know the status on this so that we can plan for any changes needed for us.
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