Plugin Seed 0.9.8 GlobalRefresh stops working after Action is invoked

There appears to be a GlobalRefresh issue with Plugin seed 0.9.8 - AppComponent loses the GlobalRefreshHandler reference when an action is called from the Actions menu.

It seems that when the Action is invoked, the entire App is loaded. The AppComponent loaded in the Action Modal calls setGlobalRefreshHandler() which changes the reference to the AppComponent loaded Action Modal. When the Action Modal is closed, the refresh button in the vSphere UI menu no longer works.

To confirm, I added a simple check in AppComponent.ts  to skip setGlobalRefreshHandler() if the route url contains an action name.  This allows Refresh continue working after an action modal is opened/dismissed.

Is this known issue? Suggestions for a more proper long term fix would be appreciated.

Sorry if this has already been covered here - I saw some other Refresh topics but they didnt seem to be related.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Thanks for reporting this bug!

I will fix it in 0.9.9 with the same kind of work-around you did (and extended to the case of openModalDialog which also opens a modal dialog)

The longer term fix will be to not rely on the Refresh handler but make it easier for plugins to refresh their data themselves, but this is for a future SDK.