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HTML SDK V6.7 U2 - Modal Dialog Size (no relative values allowed?)

We have been checking our plug-in on version 6.7 U2, and it is broken  when the vmModal is used as compared to 6.7 U1 and previously.  I checked the documentation and found that I am specifiying the size of the Model Dialog incorrectly. 

We have been calling the modal as follows:

var configObj= {

     url: "acmeModalUrl.html",

     size: {

          width: "90%",

          height: "70vh"


     customData: acmeData



I found in the docs, that the size parameters should be in pixels, so I guess what we are doing is unsupported.  It did work well in previous versions and was much more dynamic than pixel values  (for example when the window is resized, the modal is resized as well).

Is this functionality gone for good?


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi Cathy,


As written in the documentation, the values for the width and height of the modal dialogs were always expected to be specified in pixels.

I understand that other values  may have worked somehow but it was never a supported scenario.


It is possible that a more strict verification of the values was added in 6.7U2 and the alternatives stopped working.


We may consider extending the API with more options, as you have a valid use case.


Best Regards,


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