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Datastores and Networks not visible in the BDE Web Client plugin

Issue: I am trying to add Datastores and Networks using the BDE Web Client plugin, but I am seeing some issues:

1. When I click on Datastores option under the "Inventory list", the + icon is grade out, but when I click on it, I do get the options to add the datastore. When I specify the details and click on OK, nothing happens. I don't see the datastores being added, nor do I get an error message. I waited for 2 days, but nothing got created in the WebUI.

2. Same thing happens for Networks.

Things, that I have checked so far:

The Datastores and Networks that I have tried to add from the BDE Plugin, never gets added. I have verified it using the Serengeti CLI.

I am able to add the Datastores and Networks from the Serengeti CLI.

The Datastores and Networks added from the Serengeti CLI are not visible in Web Client Plugin.

I have unistalled and re-installed the BDE Web Client plugin, but still same problem.

I have rebooted the Seregeti Mgmt Server, but still same problem.

Rebooted VC, still same problem.

I thought, it might be something to do with the time zone. I changed the timezone on the Serengeti Mgmt Server to match the Time zone on the VC and the ESXi hosts, but still same problem.

Again, rebooted the Serengeti Mgmt Server, but still same problem.

Has anyone seen this problem? Screenshot is also attached.


Nitin Gupta

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According to the screenshot that you have attached, it show the plugin lost connection when get the data store and network. Could you provide the logs for the plugin? So that I can trace the root cause. If your are using the VCVA, you could find the log at /storage/log/vmware/vsphere-client/logs/vsphere_client_virgo.log. If you are using vcserver, the log location is at %programdata%/vmware/vSphere Web Client/serviceability/logs/vsphere_client_virgo.log.

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