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Topic Name : Configure a Cluster of vRealize Orchestrator Instances in VAMI

Publication Name : Installing and Configuring VMware vRealize Orchestrator

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Hello! Last week i tried to set up 2 new vRealize Orchestrator in cluster mdoe, but every try after pressing "Join cluster", agreed with certificate an error applied to me after 59% with text "Command execution failed with unexpected error: com.vmware.vcac.configuration.utils.ProcessUtil$ProcessExecutionException: Can not read the Orchestrator pid from /var/lib/vco/app-server/logs/tomcat.pid pg_ctl: PID file "/var/vmware/vpostgres/current/pgdata/postmaster.pid" does not exist Is server running?." It's two clear Orchestrators, what's wrong?

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We had the same issue and it was due to the hostname short name. When you use the process Join a cluster, even if you are entering IP address, hostnames are used to connect each other. For us they couldn't see each other without the FQDN name, so after knowing this, we solve the problem by mentioning the domain name in the configuration, you can also edit the host file if you want with IP and Hostname.

Hoping it can help someone.

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