vRO vs. vCD -> VclNotificationHelper() not parsing Org Link

Hello to all,

recently we upgraded our vCD to 9.7 along with the vCD plugin for vRO - vRO version is Version: 7.5.0 Build number: 10044239; vCD plugin is vCloud Connection from vRO to vCD is working fine.

The issue is, one of our main vRO workflows that is parsing RabbitMQ messages from vCD stopped working. We narrowed it down to the VclNotificationHelper() class. Here's an example of our script:

//Check Point
System.log("Check Point: Convert to objects: Start");
// Set Autohealing variables
var retry_counter=0;
//360 * 10000ms = 1hour
var autoheal_count=360;
var sleep_while_autoheal=10000;
var error_message="Error in xxx, retrying..";

var inputName = "";
var inputProperties = new Properties();


var notificationHelper = new VclNotificationHelper();

//Check Point
System.log("Check Point 0.1");

try {
var organizationLink = notificationHelper.getOrgLink();
catch(err) {



The problem is when the script reaches the section "var organizationLink = notificationHelper.getOrgLink();" it throws out an error and doesn't parse the message to get the org link. The output of the log bellow. I've highlighted the RabbitMQ message along with the error that is thrown by the command. All of the input parameters that are needed are there (no change there), it's just this one line that stopped working (so far).


[2020-11-14 14:22:02.064] [I]

==== Workflow Start Time MSSQL Date format=====

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.066] [I] 20201114 12:22:02

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.076] [I] Retrieve message: Start

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.078] [I] Message body : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<vmext:Notification xmlns:vmext="" eventId="e853cc7b-9963-470f-8b2e-1732104ff0b4" type="com/vmware/vcloud/event/vm/modify" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

    <vmext:Link rel="entityResolver" href="vCloud Director plugin instance/ "/>

    <vmext:EntityLink rel="entity" id="urn:vcloud:vm:bdcc3133-5119-4d95-8334-ac1eec730fc7" name="ocqa-mkp1411no2" type="vcloud:vm"/>

    <vmext:EntityLink rel="down" id="urn:vcloud:user:3ba2fbcd-f014-4c75-9485-fce3b99c7eaa" name="system" type="vcloud:user"/>

    <vmext:EntityLink rel="up" id="urn:vcloud:org:96d0ecee-2f04-4f6c-b250-248e70cda8fe" name="TietoOCDemoValidation" type="vcloud:org"/>





[2020-11-14 14:22:02.080] [I] Check point: 1

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.083] [I] vcdHost: null

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.085] [I] Check point: 2

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.088] [I] null

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.090] [I] Retrieve message: END

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.120] [I] Check Point: Count Locks: Start

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.142] [I] notificationType_value : com/vmware/vcloud/event/vm/modify

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.144] [I] entityLink.type : vcloud:vm

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.146] [I] : ocqa-mkp1411no2

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.148] [I] : urn:vcloud:vm:bdcc3133-5119-4d95-8334-ac1eec730fc7

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.150] [I] Executing query select * from message_lock where EntityLink_id='urn:vcloud:vm:bdcc3133-5119-4d95-8334-ac1eec730fc7' on database Add a database -warehouse

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.163] [I] LockCount: 0

[2020-11-14 14:22:02.165] [I] Done..Continue

[2020-11-14 14:22:05.000] [I] Check Point: Convert to objects: Start

[2020-11-14 14:22:10.003] [I] Check Point 0.1

[2020-11-14 14:22:10.005] [I] InternalError: Org entity link not found (Workflow:Workflow Runner event_vm / Convert to objects (item0)#21)

[2020-11-14 14:22:10.007] [I] undefined

[2020-11-14 14:22:10.024] [I] Retrying Convert to objects


The RabbitMQ message is clearly received and the Org link is there. Anyone have any idea how to get this running? Where is the problem?

I'm really clueless, as our main vRO automation developer (the one that made all of the production workflows) is no longer working for the product and I've never touched vRO before so I'm quite new to it. Not a developer my self, just the one that has to deal with the issues 😞


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