vRO/vCO : Authentication Token expire for all Scheduled Tasks in vro

Hi All

Each time i create a scheduled task it works for some time (a month may be) then it show authentication expire warning in vro. After that I need to manually set the credential every time.


I tried to prepare the script which can show at least error or something but it didn't work

var tasks = Server.findAllForType('Task');

for each (var task in tasks) {



Is there any way to prepare a vro script which can monitor these tasks?



Thanks in advance

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


When you create a scheduled task, vRO server obtains a token from the authentication provider on behalf of the user, and stores this token together with the task. Periodically, the token is checked and renewed in case it is about to expire.

Now, the problem is that most authentication providers allow a limited number of renewals for a given token, due to security reasons. Once we reach this limit, the token cannot be renewed anymore, and will eventually expire. An option would be to change scheduling logic to keep user credentials instead of authentication token, but that's also not ideal from security point of view.

At the moment, there is no scripting API to monitor this expiration/renewal process.

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