vRO SSH commands with key authentication


I have to perform SSH command to a host from vRO.

The server admin provided to me username / RSA public key / RSA private key.

I checked the SSH plugin documentation and I didn't find any information on how to manage this type of authentication.

Do I have to store the key on a specific path of the vRO appliance do I have to run some SSH configuration workflows?



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi Ben,

The default key pair is stored in /etc/vco/app-server/vco_key and /etc/vco/app-server/ (for private and public key, respectively). There is a workflow Library->SSH->'Register vCO public key on host' which you should use to register the public key into file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys (or you can register it there manually).

When adding SSH host via workflow Library->SSH->Configuration->'Add SSH host', you have an option to select 'No' in the radio buttons for authentication type, and provide private key passphrase and private key path. Also, in scripting object SSH session you have a method connectWithIdentity(privatekeypath, passphrase).

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