vRO Component Monitoring

Hi community,

is there any solution which can Monitor my orchestrator including if all endpoints are there and available, plugins working etc.

Also i would like to have a possibility to build up a test Framework which can execute automatically workflow acceptance Tests. I want to know if all Workflows or some important of them are working. For example Provision a vm, delete a vm etc.

Any suggestions about vor Monitoring and automated workflow testexecutions?

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Never considered this before but for the endpoint test / configuration validity you could do the following

1. Create a workflow which does a simple query on the endpoint content (e.g., for RESTHost, do a simple GET request). The workflow would need to throw appropriate errors in the case of any failures or bad result. You could use the SMTP capability to notify you with failure details

2. Schedule the workflow to run in out of hours (like a nightly build really)

3. Do one workflow per endpoint, or more if specific data from endpoints require it

I have had a customer who wanted a "canary" workflow for VM provisioning in vRA (provision the same VM every few hours to prove system was working). They had an XaaS overlay on their vRA IaaS already so we just created a static config (name, IP, etc) for the canary VM and then had the schedule task just make requests for it and then self-schedule again for an hour later when the IaaS request had completed.

One thing I would say is that this sort of things counts as potentially wasted cycles and/or could contribute to system slow-down if for example the test workflows started to occupy too much of the server resources when running. It would really depend on how many such workflows you were planning to have.

Anyway, YMMV but it does sound useful

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