vRO 8.3 Powershell variables....need help

I am VERY new to vRO.  I will mostly be leveraging Powershell in vRO and I am having issues doing something that should be pretty simple i think.  I will provide as much details and screenshots as possible.  What i want to accomplish is to pass 3 variables from a vRO Action to a Scriptable Task in a vRO workflow.  


My action script is simple.  Assign 3 values to variables.  What i read is that i need to return this as Return Type - Properties.   


Work flow Schema



In my workflow i have 1 Variable named actionResult for these variables.  


This is my test action with it's output


My Scriptable action using the inputs from the Action workflow


The script is simple.  What i read is that the varialbes will always use the default $inputs variable and to call individual it would be $inputs.var1 etc


But when i run it and my logging comes out i do not get any of my variables.




I have tried to find documentation on how powershell and vRO work together but i am coming up short.   If anyone knows how to do something as simple as this please help me.   Once i can figure out this basic concept i think i can start making vRO work for me. 




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I'm in the process of rebuilding my vRO 8 test environment. But I think I ran into similar issues but got it working. See the following disucssion and additional links.


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