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vRA7.2_deployment of vms are failing

Hi All,

we have vRA 7.2 with embeded orchestrator  .for some resoons deployment of new vms are failing .

can someone sugeestthe possible troubleshooting steps .

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Do you have any errors from the log, or the execution of the VM deployment? Is this a Composite Blueprint or XaaS?

Have you checked the following:


  • Check all vRA appliances services started successfully
  • Check all vRA nodes connected recently in vRA cluster
  • vRA Postgres DB status "Up"
  • RabbitMQ
    • Both vRA nodes connected and running
  • vRA DEMs
    • All DEOs and workers online
  • vRA Compute Resources
    • Agent status OK
  • vRA Endpoints
    • vSphere (vCenter) - Test connection successful
    • NSX - Test connection successful
  • vRA Data Collections
    • Inventory succeeded
    • State succeeded
    • Performance succeeded
    • NSX Inventory succeeded
  • vRA Directory Management
    • Synchronise directory completed successfully
  • vRA Portal Logon
    • Local logon successful
    • AD account logon successful
  • IdP connector status OK
  • vRO client connectivity
  • vRO cluster validation completed successfully
  • vRO cluster synchronisation state - both nodes synchronised
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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Hi Darren,

this issue has been fixed however could you explain more on DEM .

as per my understanding workflow functionality is provided by orchestrator and its end point is configured in vRA.

is DEM used to communicate to vRO.

Thanks for your help.

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